Grappling tournament
Submission Only

Welcome to the website of 'Submission fever'.
We are pleased to announce our next submission only grappling tournament.

Sunday, 21st May 2023

DOORS: 9:30 am
START FIGHTS: 10:30 am
In Brussels (exact location to be announced)

Registration deadline and fee

Normal registration until 24/04/2023

  • Teens: 15 euro
  • Adult: 25 euro
  • Open category (only for adults): 10 euro

Late registration (from 25/04/23 until 17/05/2023 23:59)

  • Teens: 20 euro
  • Adult: 35 euro
  • Open category (only for adults): 15 euro

Coaches and spectators enter for FREE.

Register on Smoothcomp


General Rules

  • The organisation is free to put people from different divisions together.
  • You need to have a valid insurance or be affiliated through your club (this can also be for wrestling, mma, judo, etc.), the organisation is not accountable for any injuries during the event.
  • No entries on the day itself. All entries go via smoothcomp and inscription will close on Wednesday 17th of may at 11.59pm.

Weight categories

  • Teens boys (13 to 15 yo): -34/ -38/ -42/ -46/ -50/ - 55/ -60/ -66/ +66
  • Teens girls (13 to 15yo): -34/ -38/ -42/ -46/ -50/ - 55/ -60/ -66/ +66
  • Man: -65 / -70 / -76 / -83 / -91 / +91
  • Woman: -58 / -65 / + 65
  • Open Men adult**
  • Open Women adult**

200gr TOLERANCE on weight!

Come and weigh in at least 1H before your categorie starts.

**OPEN category is only for people that compete in their own division first.

Level categories


  • Beginner: If this is your first bjj/ grappling competition or have never won a competition, have less than 2 years of experience, you should sign up here.
  • Advanced: If you have done already multiple tournaments, have easily won your first tournaments, have more than 2 years of experience, you should sign up here.


  • Beginner: White belts/ training for 1 to 3 years (mma, wrestling, jiujitsu) with little to no experience in no-gi
  • Advanced: Blue belt/ training for 3 tot 5 years (mma, wrestling, jiujitsu) with some experience in competition
  • Elite: Purple belt and up/ training over 5 years (mma, wrestling, jiujitsu)

Fights time

  • Teens Beginner & Advanced: 4 min
  • Aduts Beginner: 6 min
  • Aduts Advanced: 8 min
  • Aduts Elite: 10 min

Rules of the game


Teens can only submit with following techniques:
- Straight armbar from top or bottom position
- Triangle (without pulling the head)
- Rear naked choke

--> When there is no submission within the regulated time both athletes will start in a neutral position standing up for an extra 1 min. If there is no submission here, the referee will decide on the winner. The referee has the final word.


This is a SUBMISSION ONLY event with overtime rules.
There is a double knock out system to ensure at least 2 fights for every athlete.

Rules and allowed submissions are the same for all categories.

No submission?
1 x 1 min overtime for each athlete

Watch this video to know all about EBI overtime!

EBI Overtime

Choose a position: spider web or back take.
From this position, you have one minute to submit your opponent.

  • One person submits: this person is the winner.
  • Both submit: fastest submission is the winner.
  • No person submits: person with the fastest escape wins.
  • No person submits and no person escapes: the referee will choose a winner based on the overtime submission efforts.


Somewhere in Brussels :)
Exact location to be announced

Want to fight ?
Register via smoothcomp


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